Mission Updates

At SRPC, we like to get updates from our members currently working full time with agencies locally and overseas. Below you'll find the latest prayer letters and updates.



UPDATE FROM HEATHER - Friday 3 April 2020

"Hi everyone.  We are locked down as you know.  Our biggest fears are of infection, running out of food and water,  and our long term lack of donors when the economy is making people cautious.  Praise God for food donations from locals, even the police commissioner. We pray as a campus each morning for the world and for the halt of the virus.


"Personally I'm debating whether or not to fly.  Flights are now beginning to become available for silly money and taking 40 hours. I don't wish to be in an airport for 11 hours. So please pray that either British or Irish government will come up with some plan."


Gerald & Louise Mwangi - Daniel & jeremiah

iServe Africa   Nairobi, Kenya



"Hi guys, situation in Kenya is getting more tense - 120 so far have tested positive and the numbers keep growing. We have a curfew to reduce unnecessary gatherings at evening time (7pm-5am) and people are encouraged to work from home, church gatherings suspended (meeting online). Personally we are doing fine, the change of pace is actually good for me  and so far I am managing to work from home. I have also been getting the greenhouse ready to plant tomatoes again. Hopefully we can keep the supply of tomatoes going if the situation worsens further.


"It seems increasingly likely there will be a large outbreak here, the healthcare system will massively struggle if that is the case and people are equally worried about the virus and the economic impact.  We praise God that the Cabinet Secretary for Health is respected and seems to be doing a good job, particularly with the difficult circumstances. We are praying for opportunities to learn of and bless those who are suffering in this time.


"On the bright side- Jeremiah and Daniel turned one yesterday (pictures on Sunday 5 April powerpoint). Lots of fun!"



John & Birita Timothy

OMF (Overseas Missionary Fellowship)  Sapporo, Japan

March 2020
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UPDATE FROM JOHN & BIRITA  Friday 3 April 2020

 "The coronavirus hasn't stopped things here yet, but with the way Tokyo is going I wouldn't be surprised if it does. With no strict guidelines from the government it makes it hard to make decisions on whether or not to carry on with certain outreaches or activities, so we pray for wisdom.


 "Some members of the church have taken the decision not to come until the crisis is over.  However things are going good for us non the less, Bible studies are going well, a few people are preparing for baptism, one girl will be baptized at Easter.


 "Not surprisingly Aomori Christian centre has had to delay their building project for a year as the volunteer team from Canada won't be coming. But work and preparation is endless there so it's still full steam ahead."



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