What's on?

Below is a typical week at Saintfield Road Presbyterian Church.  Many of the activities are operational only during term time (September - April). 


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10:45am Crèche Throughout the morning service. (Available until 12:15pm)
11:00am Morning Worship Service (Tea and coffee served after the service)
11:15am Bible Class (Age 13+)
11:15am The Ark (Ages 5-11)
11:15am JCB's (Years 8 & 9)
11:15am Little Stars (If no Ark)  
6:45pm RED Bi-weekly. (Ages 11-16)
7:00pm Evening Worship Service  On some weeks (please check the announcement sheet)
6:15pm Rainbow Guides* (Girls aged 4-7)
6:30pm Brownie Guides* (Girls aged 7-10)
7:45pm Girl Guides* (Girls aged 10-14)
7:30pm Senior Section* (Girls aged 14+)
8:00pm Presbyterian Women (September - April, every 3rd Monday)
2:30pm Tuesday Break (Retirement group) (September - April, 2nd and 4th Tuesdays)
10:30am Tiny Tots  
1:30pm Ladies Bowling Club (September - April)
7:30pm Young Adults Group (Age 18+)
7:30pm Mid Week Prayer and Bible Study  
Various Pilates*  
10:00am Needlecraft Circle  
10:00am Ladies Badminton  
7:30 pm Zumba*  


10.30am Friday Cafe  Everyone Welcome
6:30pm Junior Vibe (Junior Youth Club) (P4-P7)
8:00 pm The VIBE (Senior Youth Club) (Year8+)

*Community run organisations who use the church halls

Saintfield Road Presbyterian Church

1 Myrtledene Road




Tel: 028 9040 3333

E-mail: info@srpc.org.uk

Charity Number: NIC104268