Saintfield Road Presbyterian Church was founded as a result of the rapidly increasing population in the area in the late 1950’s.  Many of the newcomers to this area were Presbyterian and the nearest Presbyterian church was St John’s which is situated some distance away.


On 5th January 1960 the Rev. James McAdam was installed as minister and the first worship service took place on Sunday 10th at which 67 families indicated their willingness and intention to become foundation members.  By July 1960 construction of the new church commenced and was officially opened on Saturday 13th January 1962.


Today, the church has over 300 families and meets regularly together.  In 2007 the church officially opened a new suite of halls.  These halls include meeting rooms, a coffee bar and a ‘Hub’ in which we gather after Sunday morning worship to chat over some tea or coffee.  The new halls have enhanced the range of extra activities and events held at the church.

Saintfield Road Presbyterian Church

1 Myrtledene Road




Tel: 028 9040 3333


Charity Number: NIC104268