Saintfield Road Presbyterian Church is part of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.  As a reformed church within the wider body of Christ, it is grounded in the scriptures, and exists to love and honour God through faith in his Son and by the power of His Spirit, enable its members to play their part in fulfilling God’s message to the world.


The Presbyterian Church in Ireland has adopted subordinate standards including the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Shorter Catechism.  For details of the role of these standards, please refer to the Rule of Faith contained in The Code, The Book of the Constitution and Government of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland (paragraphs 10-14).

The Trinity

We believe in one God, who exists eternally in three persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


We believe all people, being created in the image of God, have intrinsic value, but as a result of sin are alienated from God and each other, and therefore are in need of reconciliation.

Jesus Christ

His Person

We believe in the birth of Jesus Christ by the virgin Mary, as prophesied in scripture.  We believe he was born both as God and as man.

His Death and Resurrection

We believe Christ died for our sins, that he was buried and three days later rose again and that his resurrection was witnessed by his disciples and many others.

His Ascension

We believe that Jesus ascended into heaven to be with the Father and that one day He will return again.

Salvation and Eternal Life

We believe in salvation by the Grace of God through Faith and that through repentance and faith in Christ's death on the cross, our sins will be forgiven.  We believe in eternal life for believers as promised by Jesus and as set out in scripture.

Return of Jesus

We believe the Lord Jesus will return personally in glory, raise the dead, and judge the world.

Holy Spirit

We believe in the Holy Spirit who imparts new life to those who believe in Christ; through His indwelling presence and transforming power He gives assurance and equips believers for holy living and effective service.


We believe the Church is the body of Christ, the fellowship of all believers, and is commissioned to make disciples of all nations.



We believe in the baptism of believers and their children by their acknowledgment of their faith and subsequent promise to raise their children in a Christian way.


The Lord’s Supper (Communion)

We believe in the act of Communion as set out by Jesus at the last supper and that all believers are welcome to participate in the Communion Service irrespective of denomination.



We believe in the sanctity of marriage and that marriage was created by God and that the only legitimate form of marriage is between one man and one woman.

Saintfield Road Presbyterian Church

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