Our Minister

After 24 years of ministering to the congregation of SRPC, the Rev. Alistair Bill has now retired. We're continually thankful for his service and ministry to SRPC over the years.


A Family Church

Where everybody, young and old, those on their own and in families, can feel at home.

A Community Church

In that we work in and seek to serve our community so those of all church backgrounds take part in our activities.

So what's a church all about?

Our aims are to encourage growth and maturity among Christians, to proclaim God's new kingdom in Jesus Christ, and to promote the extension of that kingdom.

A Friendly Church

You will receive a warm welcome at any of our worship services or organisations.  We would be delighted to see you!


Alistair R. Bill (Minister)

Saintfield Road Presbyterian Church

1 Myrtledene Road




Tel: 028 9040 3333

E-mail: info@srpc.org.uk

Charity Number: NIC104268