Reading Mark, Together Apart, during January 2021

While we’re locked down for possibly 5 weeks from 3rd January and to keep us doing something meaningful together alongside our Sunday (& Life Group) series in Mark, why not try some or all of these options:

1. Read the whole of Mark’s Gospel.

Make yourself a cup of tea and do it in one or two sittings like you might any short book. It’ll probably only take round about an hour or so.

2. Read a little bit of Mark’s gospel every day for 30 days.

Just here on the website there is a reading plan to guide you in this using your own Bible; or there’s a document to download that divides the whole of the text of Mark’s gospel (The NET version – a good translation that is copyright free for us to use and reproduce) into those 30-day chunks, one a page. You can print it off or read it on a device. It’ll do you Monday-Saturday, 6 days a week from 4th Jan for 5 weeks.

Even better than reading it into yourself (we often tend to skim over bits), there’s a great freshness in realising that Mark’s gospel was written to be read out loud and heard. So why not go a bit further…

  • Read it out loud when you read it each day (find a little private space if you feel awkward!)
  • Find an audio recording through a Bible App or online; but better yet…
  • Record yourself reading out loud and listen to it. By the end you’ll have your own recording of Mark’s gospel that you can listen to. Best yet…
  • Let’s join in lots of us recording a bit so that we put up, day by day, each of the 30 sections of Mark’s gospel, read by someone different from SRPC and for everyone to listen to that day. And at the end we’ll have the whole of the gospel read by different voices from our church family, together apart.

  I’d (Ben!) love for this to happen and so I’ve done the first one and asked others to do the next two or three. But please volunteer to do a day simply by texting or WhatsApping or emailing or getting in touch with me and I’ll give you some simple recording instructions and a day’s reading to do as an individual or a family; and we’ll put the up a day at a time online; and we can listen together, through the next five weeks. Come on – individuals and families - be a part of this fresh reading of the gospel together during lockdown – first come first served for the 30 volunteers!

3. Talk about what you’ve read and heard in a Life Group.

We’ll be looking at Mark in Life Groups as the year gets further underway. If you’re not in one, join one and learn and pray and enjoy fellowship together with others. (contact Ben if you’d like to join a Life Group)


Download the references for reading Mark in your own Bible over 30 days
Mark in 30 days - references.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 203.3 KB
Download the full text of Mark's Gospel split into 30 readings
This is the NET version which can be used by us as a church without copyright issues. We'll use it for recording our reading of Mark's gospel.
Mark in 30 days - NET version.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 627.9 KB

This great 100-day guide to Mark's gospel, especially for older primary children is available in paperback or ebook here

Daily audio files will appear below to listen to Mark's gospel being read. The references and full readings are also downloadable below...

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